About me

I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. I have a passion for design, art and all things inspiring. Grasping inspiration from the world around me I aim to make commercial art with a purpose. I work mainly with Adobe CS6 but when illustrating watercolour and gouache are my favourite mediums. I received a Diploma of Graphic Design after studying with CATC, and this has provided me with a great base from which to grow my skills.

Naomi Merciai
Photo of Daughter
Photo of family
I live in the lovely city of Sydney with my partner and young daughter. We fill our spare time with as much laughter and music as we can (and crayons, lots and lots of crayons). I come from a creative family so art runs through my veins.
Music is also a big passion of mine having played and written songs since I was very young. Yoga helps me move all the creative energy around and chasing my two year old makes me tired enough to sleep at night {when she lets me}.